real champions read

Real Champions Read is a program for 2nd – 8th graders designed to connect the academic world with the sports world. When the player signs up for the program, he will receive a book.

Here is what is in this book:

8 book report forms – You choose a book that is appropriate for your grade; read it and then follow the instructions on the book report form. Be sure to fill in all the blanks and answer all the questions. Then have your teacher sign and date it before you go on to the next book.

3 journal pages – There are questions that you will answer and write about. If you need more room to write then add a page to the journal. When you are done, be sure to have your teacher sign and date it.

3 really cool football stories – These are stories of real people that will inspire you and show you what a Real Champion is. Read these aloud with one of your parents. Then have your parents sign and date on the line provided.

12 Practices of a Real Champion – Read these a lot and get to know them. There are two more pages of the 12 practices that will test you to see how well you know them. Also, there is a Real Champion crossword puzzle to help you learn them better. Have someone quiz you out loud before you do the 2 test pages to get you ready for them.

Math word problem page – Be sure to show your work. This is part of the challenge, so make sure your answers are right. When you are done, have your teacher sign and date the page.

Games – There are word search puzzles, crossword puzzles and a match the positions page. Have fun with these and at the same time you will learn.

Once he completes the book he will bring it to a football registration. Someone will check the work and if it is completed to standard he will receive a discount off the football registration and a camp of his choice.


If you are interested in learning more about Real Champions Read and how you can use it for your program, contact us.