leadership clinic

Real Champion Leadership Clinic

For high school students…athletes…captains…seniors…coaches or the whole team!



We can do a leadership clinic exclusively for your team no matter where you are. Call for more details.


The clinic will cover

many aspects of leadership and character including the student athlete’s role as a leader…in life and in the game.  We will explain why leadership is important and how it makes a difference in sports.  You will leave with ideas and tools for team character and leadership development as an ongoing part of your program.  Each student athlete will be challenged and trained to be men and women of character and use the leadership abilities that are within them.


Some topics include…

  • What is team and what is my role?
  • How core values make a difference for a team
  • The 12 characteristics of a real champion
  • Personal character and why it matters in sports
  • Coaching the “other side of the game”
  • Leadership…what is it and why does it matter?
  • The difference between a real champion and a ring champion
  • Essential elements of effective teams


There will be player and coach’s sessions available!

A fun and effective way to kick off the school year for your team!

Breakouts and general sessions!

A great team builder!