12 Practices of a Real Champion

This is basically an “LCD program in a box.” Each of the 12 practices are discussed and ready for presentation to the team. Each session can be 10-30 minutes in length depending on your need. Also, each session can be broken into at least 3 sessions giving you a total of 36 sessions in all. It comes with some “props” for you to use as illustrations. Cost is only $99!

Leadership Clinics

See the Leadership Clinic page for more details. We can bring a leadership clinic to your school or team. Cost varies according to location and we work within your budget. Contact us for more info.

Coach’s Leadership Development

How many players do you coach? Next question, how many players do you lead? The answers should not be different, but they might be. Are you a “follow-able” leader? If not, you may be coaching more kids than you are leading and that makes for difficult situation. Any coach at any level who has had any effectiveness has been not just a great coach, but a great leader. Call us to talk about a 3-4 hour coach’s leadership clinic at your location.